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Steven Smith


    My Story...


    My name is Steven Smith, 15 years ago I was shot by my ex best friend. I am paralyzed from the shoulders down, also on a ventilator. The road has been long but I'm still standing tall even while sitting.I to consider myself very humble, kindhearted, genuine very loyal and family oriented to the ones that always look out for me.


    In life we have ups and downs, but the way you move on is with perseverance, strength, faith and love.  That in all aspects helps you deal. I believe I was given a second chance and I do not want to waste it. You should never want to waste the 1st chance, but if you get a 2nd one definitely do something positive with it.

    Everyone is put on this earth for a reason and we never know what the reason is but whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability and I think that will be good enough for God in my estimation.

    I am a motivational speaker to kids about Gun violence and how to stay off the streets, because I was once that kid. And I do not want them to face what I'm facing now. Also there's so much going on in this world with kids dying every day if I can help I definitely want and need to. I feel like it's my great purpose to do so at any cost. The youth is our future and I/we have to guide them down the right path. With me selling drugs when I was younger running the streets, getting suspended from school multiple times and expelled from one before I definitely am the right person to speak on it.  I 'm also also a peer mentor At Magee rehabilitation... I help those who have spinal cord injuries or any other disability/problems they might have. I like to let them know whatever they are going through I probably have been through some of the same circumstances that they are going through when I was injured I mean mentally, emotionally and somewhat physically. I know sometimes they don't see light at the end of the tunnel and I want to let them know there is light and they can beat whatever they're going through by having faith and someone who gives them unconditional love. Also on the other side of all that that pain that they're going through is nothing but joy if you just believe fight and never give up I know firsthand. I'm really dedicated and love what I do. I'm also in School too study Psychology/sociology that way I can open my own practice one day. I have spoken At lots of places such as Children's Hospital, mothers and charged, the police athletic league, Bryn Mawr College, different schools in the city etc. Also my book will be finished soon. I know I was supposed to have it done two years ago but the cream will rises to the top when it's ready.

    I would like everyone to check out my Podcasts And YouTube page. Also my mentoring and motivational speaking pages. I also record a lot of my outgoings on snapshot where you can follow me as well. Look on my home page below and you will be able to follow each one.  Please contact me if you're interested in my services.


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